Pork and Pickles

These are a few of my favorite things

A Teaser

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I’ve got some exciting plans in the works here! For now I’ll leave you with this picture – come back later for the end result.

The beginning of so many awesome things.


Author: Jess

Cook, music lover, cyclist, knitter.

One thought on “A Teaser

  1. Great first post, congratulations! I recently rendered 10 quarts of lard, a gift from a friend’s pig. I’ve never had lard so white and beautiful as this, I cook with it and people are clueless that it’s PIG FAT. I thought long and hard about how to preserve it, and decided to hold the hot lard at 250 degrees F for at least 15 minutes (240 kills botulism) before decanting it into hot and sterile pint and quart mason jars and sealing with self-sealing lids. The cooling lard created a vacuum, the one jar that didn’t seal I saved in the fridge and the rest I’ve been storing unrefrigerated in a shady spot. I’ll let you know how it holds, up until now I’ve always stored my lard refrigerated. As for the remaining meat, I skimmed it out before it got to crackling status (I was trying to avoid any browning so I could use my lard to bake sweets as well) and froze it and have been using it to add dimension to meatloaf and tomato-based meat sauce. I look forward to future posts, my intrepid kitchenaut friend!

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