Pork and Pickles

These are a few of my favorite things

About Pork and Pickles

I’m an avid home cook who did a little time in restaurant kitchens. I’ve been making my own pickles and preserves for about 14 years and have been jokingly calling myself a “porketarian” for the last two or three. Our family sources pastured meat from local farms and we are longtime CSA members.

My initial interest in food preservation came from the jars of bread and butter pickles we occasionally got from my grandma. I loved them and would eat the entire jar if given half the chance. I was less enthusiastic about the pickled beets and sauerkraut she sometimes made, but it was rare that we unappreciative children were given the opportunity to sample (and subsequently reject) those treats. I made my first batch of garlic dill pickles while I was still in cooking school and the positive response from my instructor and classmates encouraged me to keep at it. I dove headfirst into jams and jellies that fall and subsequently learned that those things are WAY harder than I thought they’d be. Luckily I’ve gotten better at those, but the pickles are still my first love.

I’m available for pretty much any sort of food education opportunity, from private and group cooking classes to personal chef services to food preservation workshops. I am passionate about good food and thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.


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